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The Committee respectfully request that you do not make bookings after 8pm, any messages or texts will be dealt with after 9am the following day.

Please note that Loyalty cards are not taken in payment for Holiday Rallies.

Much to our relief the rain did not fall, as forecast, on our Rally at Holt Farm, Napton. The ground was a bit on the soft side, but we did not have to bother the Farmer, with his big tractor, too much. It is a pleasant spot, a walk up to the yard with the collection of old tractors, leads you to the duck pond, and the ultimate goal of the Puddleduck Cafe situated in an old barn. Surrounded by a collection of art for sale, you can sit and enjoy a lunch, with CAKE, and very nice it was too. The walk carried on to the canal, but unfortunately the towpath was still a bit rutted and sodden, but the Folly Inn at the edge of Napton can be reached by a fairly quiet road, and the fit members enjoyed a meal there. Members and visitors agreed that they would like to go there again.


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